From a Long Line of Construction Contractors

Our History

Our Family owned and operated Company comes from a long history of Contractors, from the early 1940's to the present. We did many projects as apprentices under our Father and learned from his Knowledge and Expertise.

The picture presented above is one of many projects that brings us much pride to our Family. The Union Passenger Station is a restoration project done with our Father in 1981. The Brick and Roof slate were restored to its natural finish, removing 7 layers of paint and sealing and protecting its natural beauty. Below is the Passenger Station as it stood in 1941 to 1981.

The meaning of Quality, Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction was instilled in us at a early age.

Throughout the years we have managed, and constructed several projects which have been awarded certificates for outstanding workmanship on Government project.

The Union Passenger Station project, to this day is a reminder of the Quality of work that we look forward to providing our customers. We have over 30 years of experience in the construction, audio and video industry. We pride ourselves in our work and reputation .

We look forward to meeting with you to make your project a memorable and pleasurable experience.